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The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) consists of 3-5 renowned independent experts from relevant scientific fields and with experience related to AMR, vaccines, mAbs and mathematical modelling. Non-executive body that will provide independent expert advice and feedback to the Steering Committee and General Assembly. During selection process of SAC members, the missing expertise related to social sciences and aspects of evolutionary biology will be considered. 

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)


Advisory Bodies

Prof Mark Woolhouse

 University of Edinburgh

Dr Mateusz Hasso-Agopsowicz

World Health Organization

Prof Mical Paul

Israel Institute of Technology

Dr Alessandro Cassini

Swiss Public Health Department and Lausanne University Hospital

Ethics Advisory Board (EAB)

An Ethics Advisory Board (EAB) has been established by the COMBINE Coordination Support Office (CSO). External members with animal and human research ethics expertise have been recruited to the board as a resource for advice and guidance to COMBINE and to AMR Accelerator projects as requested or required. The COMBINE EAB will provide support to PrIMAVeRa on questions related to ethics.

AMR Accelerator Communication Advisory Board (CAB)

The AMR Accelerator Communication Advisory Board (CAB) will provide support on communication and dissemination activities of PrIMAVeRa.

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