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This is a list of publications related to the work of the PrIMAVeRa Consortium published in scientific journals. Please contact the Project Leader for more information, or if a relevant publication is missing:

Global burden of antimicrobial resistance: essential pieces of a global puzzle

Author(s): Marlieke E A de Kraker, Stephan Harbarth
Published in: The Lancet, Volume 399, Issue 10344, P2347, June 25, 2022.
Publisher: Elsevier
DOI: 10.1016/s0140-6736(22)00940-0

Estimating antimicrobial resistance burden in Europe—what are the next steps?

Author(s): Nasreen Hassoun-Kheir, Stephan Harbarth
Published in: The Lancet Public Health, Volume 7, Issue 11, E886-E887, November 01, 2022.
Publisher: Elsevier
DOI: 10.1016/s2468-2667(22)00250-x

Targeted mupirocin-based decolonization for Staphylococcus aureus carriers and the subsequent risk of mupirocin resistance in haemodialysis patients – a longitudinal study over 20 years

Author(s): N. Hassoun-Kheir, N. Buetti, V. Olivier, M. Perez, J. Frossard, G. Renzi, J. Schrenzel, P. Saudan, S. Harbarth.

Published in: The Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 135, P55-58, May 2023. 
Publisher: Elsevier

Frequency of bloodstream infections caused by six key antibiotic-resistant pathogens for prioritization of research and discovery of new therapies in Europe: a systematic review

Author(s):  M. Pezzani, F. Arieti, N. Rajendran, B. Barana, E. Cappelli, M. De Rui, L. Galia, Na. Hassoun-Kheir, L. Argante, J. Schmidt, J. Rodriguez-Bano, S. Harbarth, M. de Kraker, B. Gladstone, E. Tacconelli.

Published in: Clinical Microbiology and Infection, Volume 30, S 1, Pages S4-S13. March 2024.

Publisher: Elsevier


Excess resource use and cost of drug-resistant infections for six key pathogens in Europe: a systematic review and Bayesian meta-analysis

Author(s):  R. Kingston, V. Vella, K. Pouwels, J. Schmidt, R. El-Abasiri, E. Reyna-Villasmil, N. Hassoun-Kheir, S. Harbarth, J. Rodriguez-Baño, E. Tacconelli, F. Arieti, B. Gladstone, M. de Kraker, N. Naylor, J. Robotham on behalf of PrIMAVeRa Workpackage 1: B. Barana, E. Cappelli, M. De Rui, R. El-Abasiri, L. Galia, J. Geurtsen, J. Mejia, A. Palladino, A. Piljic, N. Babu Rajendran, E. Reyna-Villasmil, J. Schmidt.

Published in: Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 30, S26–S36. March 2024.

Publisher: Elsevier


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